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IT Consultancy services

As digital experts, we help our clients to assure that they have a solid foundation to build a digital strategy, that establish a direction and assures that you capitalize on your decisions.

Many businesses make a strategy without knowing how to execute it. We are specialists in guiding them in the right directions by asking the right questions, as we know your challenges and the data that can help you understand your customers.

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IT Specialists Placement Services

The expanding Technological landscape in Asia has led to innovations in computer processing speeds, data storage, big data analytics, cloud computing and introduced to us the Internet of Things. These developments have radically changed sociological and behavioural patterns of millions of people around the world and with it, of thousands of its businesses. This has led to rapid growth and the need to quickly find the appropriate talent for developing and securing the Technological space for unhindered and seamless delivery of its various services.

Our expertise in various Technology segments including IT products, IT services, helps us in analysing the ever-changing needs of the Technology industry and seeks the best talent for pivotal roles. We believe in driving change for both established as well as emerging Tech providers. We able to find you the right IT candidate for you.

We do not limit our reach to the executive team. Bentec Digital Solutions partners with you across all levels and functions throughout your organization. When you need “THE” right talent for your business, not just a good candidate available “right now”, we can immediately improve your business with “Grade A” talent at all levels. We utilize the same proven search process that we developed for our Executive-level and Board search practices. Our process produces results that add to your bottom-line immediately and delivers strong performers who will grow into the senior leaders of your company in the future.

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IT Specialists Contract Services

Contract Solutions, a division of our Bentec Digital Solutions, Consultancy Business Unit, provides flexible staff augmentation tailored to fit your business needs. Should your company experience the cyclical ups and downs of business. Bentec Digital Solutions consultancy Contract Solutions can help you effectively manage your contract employees by quickly increasing or downsizing your workforce. We provide support to fulfil your long-term business goals or supplement your hiring for project-based employment needs. When working with us, you will see increased level of visibility over your contract workforce, including independent and 1099 contractors. From contract, project, or contract-to-hire, we offer placement options that will deliver the right workforce solutions.

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  • Enhanced visual clarity and detail
  • Convenient connectivity – USB type C
  • Maximum Multitasking Efficiency with Picture-in-Picture function and Easy Setting Box Software


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