HD Steth by HD Medical Group


Intelligent Stethoscope with Integrated EKG

HD Steth by HD Medical Group

HD Medical is a global leader in the detection and management of cardiovascular disease (CVD). They are dedicated to enabling evidence-based patient diagnosis and treatment decisions to be made at the point-of-care instantaneously to improve outcomes and save lives.


HD Steth wanted to build an application for their BLE Device that will capture EKG waveform for extensive diagnosis of patients. They did not have an application to visualize heart sounds and ECG waveforms that came from their smart device.


To create an application that can be installed on tablets, iPads & phones which can connect via Bluetooth to the Smart Device and perform all the visualizations, analysis and reporting. The goal was to make the application capture all the data from the stethoscope in real-time and provide accurate data for analysis.


Nyx Wolves built an android and iOS application for HD Medical Group for their smart device, HD Steth. The android & iOS application used the Bluetooth technology to connect with the BLE device to capture the ECG, PCG, MUR waveforms in realtime and plot them. The app had the facility to create multiple patient profiles and record the EKG readings for each patient. The reports could be exported as PDF and mailed to the user. Another key facility was to capture the Heart Sound and render it as a WAV file for listening. It also enabled dynamic MPA of data for highly accurate plotting and analysis. Other aesthetic features include changing colors of waveform, zoom factor, etc.

Current Status

The HD Steth application was launched in 2020 and has been approved by the FDA in the USA. It is specifically sold in the USA and has been utilised by more than 1000+ doctors and helped in identifying heart diseases right from a very early stage.

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