Data Centre Solutions

Solutions that keep data centers secure, sustainable and online. Our integrated technologies help data centers stay safe while operating efficiently. 100+ Years Of Experience. Make Inquiries.

Data center setup is no job for amateurs. Extending an efficient data center solution requires expertise and precision for efficient results.
Thanks to our rich experience in the field of data centers, we are happy to offer our expert services in extending enclosure solutions, power solutions, thermal management solutions as supporting data centers, server rooms, and communication rooms to your satisfaction.
Our Services are based on an in-depth understanding of data center environments and comprehensive knowledge of infrastructure, applications, virtualization, compliance, and security.

With Bentec Digital Solutions’ Data Centre Services, it is possible to provision, manage, and address the organizational needs to ensure continuous delivery of data center operations and management services to its customers and end-users for all mission- and business-critical applications. It also allows the flexibility to address ever-changing business demand, market trends, and cost pressures.

We do it from our hearts. It is a passion we have acquired over the years working with different clients across Singapore and South East Asia region in general.

Data Centre Enclosures

NRSe Series

NRSe Series – Ultra rigid Enhanced Racks for high density application in data centers & server room.

NRSs Series

Manufacturing the Rack & Enclosures understanding above Seismic Zone requirements
and designing through FEA ( Finite Element analysis. According to Telcordia (formerly Bellcore) GR-63-CORE Network Equipment Building System (NEBS) requirements for physical protection

NHDC Series

NHDC Series-High Density Closed Racks Enhanced to Handle High Volume of Cables, where customer
corporate policy insists on Closed Racks.

NRS1 Series

NRS1 Series, serves the cost sensitive market and fulfill the needs of a basic Server Rack when there are no specific requirements

Aisle Containments

Hot Aisle Containments
Cold Aisle Containments

Cable Management Accessories

4 Post Series are Rigid racks designed for Combined Networking & Equipment Mounting, Server or for Lab application Which requires 4 post frame with low, medium or high-desity cable management.
NRFS Single Unit Four Pole Rack
NAOR Two Poles Rack
2 Post Series are Ultra rigid Racks for high density application for networking/ labs/ data centers. SStandard for Racks configuration will be bolted frame with 2 or 4 post. 4 post will have adjustable steel folded depth members to adjust the depth to meet site requirements . Available in 22RU – 52U variants.
Two Poles Rack with Concealed Cable Management

Rack Power & Electronics

A range of horizontal and vertical power distribution units (PDUs) including basic, metered, smart and intelligent PDUs is available at Bentec Digital Solutions.

We supply a wide range of power distribution units including basic, metered, smart and intelligent PDUs. They are designed for installation in a server rack cabinet and have a range of selections and options.

These include outlet socket number and configuration, power metering and environment monitoring, single and three phase supplies.

Please let us know if you need assistance organizing data centre power distribution management or selecting the right PDU for your server room or data centre project. We provide site surveys and data centre PDU management across the Singapore and South East Asia.

19” Rack Mountable PDU

Colored O’U IEC PDUs
Inteligent IEC PDUs

IEC Lock Power cords & Sockets

Wall Mount Enclosures

Our wall mount server rack provides up to 15U usable rack space anywhere its needed. The wall mount server cabinet rack can be used to mount equipment horizontally or vertically.
The wall mount server rack vertical is compatible with most OEM slide rails: Dell, HP, IBM, Apple, Sun, Intel, Cisco, Juniper and 3Com. This wall mount data rack is compatible with round hole, threaded hole and square hole equipment and slides.
We promise you’re going to have a great experience. We’ll help you figure out what you need, get it to you fast, and we’ll stand behind it.

Data Hall Accessaries


Raised Floor System


Perforated Floor- Tile


Brushed Floor- Tile


Brushed Cable Entry Options

Our NETRACK full access raised floor systems are independently tested and certified to PSA MOB PF2 PS/SPU.

They are available in medium, heavy and extra heavy specification to meet the loading demands of each project. Panels are also available to meet BSEN 12825:2001 up to Class 6, fully tested in accordance with EN 13501.

For applications with high rolling loads, our range of cementitious panels offer outstanding load and acoustic performance. Panels and understructure are tested together to deliver a compliant system. All panels are manufactured using whisker free zinc steel. This prevents damage to electrical equipment from metallic crystalline structures that can grow on galvanized steel, break off and become airborne.

Cable Management Accessories

Horizontal Cable Organizer/ 1U/Loop
Horizontal Cable Organizer/ 1U/Chanel on Front & Back
Horizontal Cable Organizer/ 2U/Chanel on Front & Back
Horizontal Cable Organizer/ 1U/Chanel on Front
Horizontal Cable Organizer/ 2U/Chanel on Front
Full Range of quality
Cable Management Accessories

Full Range of Accessories


ABS ‘Snap On’ Blanking Panels




Stationary Trays


Metal Blanking Panels


Metal Sliding Shelves


Cage Nuts & Screws

We aim to make the process of buying your 19’ inch rack and accessories as easy as 1, 2, 3 – We’ve put our years of experience into selecting our products to make choosing the accessories easier for you.